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Where Community Takes Center Stage

1 in 4 students lack access to art education and programs

"Our vision is to have a community where all youth have access to high-quality arts education."

Dynamism Fine Arts of Texas, is a fine arts and multimedia nonprofit educational organization encouraging diverse arts and culture within the State of Texas. Inspired by the lack of arts education in the State of Texas, we expose students to numerous disciplines, such as theater, film, visual arts, dance, and a host of other artistic areas. We run a wide variety of programs that give students access to areas of the arts which they have not been exposed to. Our hands-on programs provide students with direction, education and support, so they can visualize, write, direct and produce productions of their own. Our #OneGoal is to be as culturally diverse as possible until all youth have access to high-quality art educational programs. 

Akeelah Rehearsals
YWPA After School Program
Back to School Bowling
Art in the Park
Akeelah and The Bee Cast
YPNF After School Program

How We Make it Happen

Why Art?

1 in 4 children lack access to art education. Yet studies show youth with substantial engagements with art score higher on standardized tests and are twice as likely to go to college and get a degree. Every child should have the opportunity to succeed in life, and art helps contribute to this success.

Host a pop up class for your party or organization and start fostering the development of creative, collaborative and problem-solving skills. Pop up programs are taught by trained art instructors who use creative developed lessons for children. Art is fun and our classes are designed to inspire children to develop their creativity.

Host a Pop Up

Get our Dynamic Arts After School program at your school and positively change the lives of our future leaders. There is a long-term pattern of decline in school-based art education offerings. Studies show art can positively impact the entire school culture. Call or email us and let’s make it happen!

Start a Program


Give to help a child receive art classes. Students involved in the arts are 4x more likely to be recognized for academic achievement, 4x more likely to engage in math and science, and 5% less likely to drop out of school. Donate to give a child a chance to succeed in school and life.


We recognize that success is not a product of individual actions, but is achieved through community advancement.


We focus on improving the exposure that inner-city youth receive through fine arts educational programs. 

Social Responsibility

We build programs utilizing members of our community, aiming for improvement and unity among youth through arts.


We promote creativity through innovation in all of our programs. Expanding the imagination of youth, while exploring the new.

Dynamism Fine Arts of Texas is a nonprofit arts education organization, focused on exposing inner city youth to different cultural arts. We aim to promote diverse art disciplines throughout the State of Texas.


Visual Arts


Performing Arts




Captivating youth through

THE arts

“Whoever is generous to the poor lends to the lord, and he will repay him for his deed.” 

Proverbs 19:17

"The Strength of a city comes from within its youth"

BE inspired

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