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All participants must be ages 17 and under. They must also have contributed more than 50% of the creation. 


Participants must submit their creations via Facebook, Instagram or Twitter posts.

(Parents social accounts are acceptable)


Participants must tag @dynatexas and also use the challenge hashtags. #DynaCreates #DynaTexas


Submission post must include 1 picture of the student and the creation and 1 picture of the student actively creating the project.


Participants must follow the challenge guidelines and are encouraged to use household products only.

Toilet Paper Roll  Challenge

Round 1

Round 1
Top Competitors

The Fine Print

The top submission will be chosen by selected art partners of Dyna Texas. Following the submission deadline, four submissions will be chosen as a top competitor. Combined social media likes will help calculate the top competitor. Combined social media shares at a higher weight will help calculate the top competition. Participation is at will and is in the full ordinance of stakeholders at Dyna Texas. Selection and prizes vary in each round. All final decisions and adjustments are in the hands of the Dyna Texas leaders. 

Participant Regulations

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