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Youth Programs

Developing Community through Youth Success

Dyna Texas strategically plans programs that gain the attraction of under served youth. These interactive and educational programs push youth to use their knowledge, skills, and innovation to create change. These programs expose youth to various aspects of art disciplines that they may not have encountered before.

Paint and POP

Paint and Pop brings communities together while learning visual art skills. These interactive lessons provide the community with broadened opportunities to expand their knowledge of visual art projects from around the country. Every session is equipped with a surprising POP as students come together to have fun. 

Acting Up

This program brings artistic theatrical exposure to under served youth. Giving students the opportunity to learn techniques that help them produce stage productions of their own. Students leave these sessions with the power to seek creative change, courageously empower themselves, and create cultural change in their communities. Theater enrichment opportunities are available throughout the year. 


Through several strategic activities, Dyna Texas increases the academic engagement of students through art projects. Partnering with schools, churches, and community centers, Art EDU increases the academic rigor of students through innovative art approaches that capture the attention of young scholars. To request a program for your organization, contact us below. 


Dyna Texas believes that empowering youth is the key to strengthening communities in the long run. Our student photography program, Paparazzi, motivates students to use photography to really explore themselves, their community, and art.

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Internship Opportunities

Dyna Texas is looking for striving young professionals to join our Internship Program. This program will help leaders develop skills and gain experience for future success. Internship opportunities focus on Communication and Media Organization, Event Coordination, and Community Development. Interested youth in 11th grade through college should apply.  

Volunteer Groups

Dyna Texas is always looking for new volunteers like you! Our volunteers give back to the community in many ways, but we're grateful they choose to work with us as well. Our volunteers help with events, event planning, outreach, and so much more. If you'd like to give back to your community through youth outreach or just have a passion for spreading art to the world, please contact us below.

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